Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trends and Off Trends

Microfinance, Real-estate, Hospitality and Publishing are now not really in the trend. But these provide reasonable margin of safety on stocks of some good companies. A microfinance glut and government apathy turned this into a spoilt broth, but there are opportunities lurking here with companies that have grown at 60% CAGR and long lived for 25 years with legacy. The sectors such as real-estate too have some good beginners with ethical practices that can grow very big in the coming years. This is time when we can invest in these companies as the sectors are out of fashion and hence beaten down stocks provide a good degree of margin with limited downsides. These stocks are quoting at reasonable valuations at current prices of of  360 and 1300 respectively. They are likely to grow and create wealth for the contra-investors.

Same with new trends that will become main stay. When Infosys leveraged on the trend of services outsourcing, it was a new trend that made wealth. Today the world of  Big Data and cloud will turn to become mainstay in the years to come as many enterprises adopt them for their business. There are 2 companies that have very unique positioning in the market today and will likely get bought out or grow organically. We look at the size of the opportunity here, how big is this adoption going to change the quantum of revenue and earnings. Mere growth is not sufficient, this growth should bring more economic value to the investor. Economic value is created when the return on capital is more than the cost of the capital, while the company continues to grow. So we need growth with economic value being added.

As a long term patient investor, you need to continuously water plants while cutting of the weeds.Our economy is on the upswing if you ignore the immediate issues at hand. Our duty as investor is to look for great businesses run by capable management of integrity and with execution skills that result in consistent and profitable growth. The business that have longevity, predictable performance, large opportunity size.

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